"Yes I Do" Single by Caz Gardiner

Caz Gardiner is a reggae/rock artist based in Washington D.C. and is out with a brand new single “Yes I Do”. Often with a groovy band behind her, Caz supplies soulful jams, almost always written entirely by herself. 

Known for putting on a great live experience, it would be a mistake not to catch Caz Gardiner when you get the chance. Caz’s streaming numbers on various platforms have been looking impressive lately, and is a positive sign looking forward for the dedicated artist. Caz has her own self-titled site, as well as a Facebook and Twitter, so get in touch where you can! Remaining especially active on Facebook live, Caz Gardiner is always interacting with her audience, giving them exclusive looks at live shows as well as new music.

Caz Gardiner’s new single “Yes I Do” is bright, full of cheery energy, and capable of turning any frown upside down. Caz’s predominantly reggae sound mixes wonderfully with her sweet vocals and lyrics, making for a truly fantastic track with high replay value. 

Lately Caz Gardiner has been performing at an abundance of exciting locations, including Argentina, Uruguay, and all over the United States! In the past Caz has collaborated with The Checkered Cabs, The New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, and Victor Rice Octet, not to mention Caz’s affiliation with BandHouse Gigs, Newmyer Flyer Productions, and The Beat Hotel. Caz’s previous bands The Ambitions and Caz and The Day Laborers have made award winning music before later operating with another band with the name of Caz and The Commotions. In all, Caz has recorded with a large list of names and looks to continue expanding her reach.